Bulgarian consortium

?Kolbaso? Company

?Kolbaso? Company was founded in 1998, it owns a new modern packing-house. The enterprise is situated 6km away from Pernik at the industrial Zone of small towm named  Batanovtzi. It occuipies an area of 12 500 square meters and has 4 000 meters of producation floor space. There are meat production and meat processing factory workshop ? cutting plant, producing sausages, refrigerators and refrigeration sector, producation of durable boiled-somked sausages, production of raw-dried sausages, production of minced meat and cooked preparations, expeditionary, air dryers, production facilities for packing, technical and administrative parts, service buildings. Entity meets EU hyguene reuirements. The company is a partner of RIE-Pernik and PGOT ?St. Ivan Rilski?. Its representatives participate in examinations and consultations to students and teachers, related to vocational education and training. The company sponsors and supports educational institutions in the region.

?Kolbaso? Company will be an active partner in the project ?Key competencies ? professional and personal development?. Representatives of KOLBASO will participate in the team of managing project at regional and school level, in determinig the topics for discussions at regional clubs, in organizing thematic discussions and workshops. They will be responsible for the involvment of employers in the project activities. KOLBASO also will take a part in the monitoring of the project.

Regional Inspectorate of Education (RIE) ? Pernik

The Regional Inspectorate of Education (RIE) ? Pernik is a regional administrative body of the Ministry of education, science and technologies. RIE ? Pernik aims at creating conditions for pursueing the state policy in the area of education by governing and controlling the regional educational policy and the observance of the state educational requirements

The regional institution cooperates and coordinates the application of educational progarammes and projects, executes activities connected with the qualification of pedagogical cadres and the educational process at the schools in Pernik region.

It analizes the common organization of the educational process in the region and helps the institutional interaction in order to achieve enhancement in the quality of students? education in Pernik region. It elaborates programmes and strategies for development of the educational structures and their activities.

The Regional Inspectorate of Education ? Pernik has an organizing and coordinating role in respect to the goals, tasks and activities for the project and the implementation of the results. The organization, coordination and execution of the project will be accomplished at three levels: coordination and organization of the international cooperation between the two regions; allocation and execution of the project activities at intra-regional level and coordination at school level in both regions.

Main project responsibilities of RIE ? Pernik:

  • Communication and coordination of project activities;
  • Organization of partnership meetings and implementation of mobilities;
  • Development of the training module “Competency approach to professional and personal development of young people”
  • Preparation and execution of trainings, workshops, discussions, conferences;
  • Monitoring and evaluation

School board ?Badnina?

School board ?Badnina? ? PGOT ?St. Ivan Rilski? ? Pernik exists since 2000 and it is an independent juridical person. It consists of 23 members, who are representatives of the parents? community, work organizations and the local community. The board is managed by an administrative council. Its main functions are connected with assisting the successive implementation of the educational process, preparing of proposals for the school executive body for the perspective development of the school, it concerns for the insurance of additional financial support for the school, helps and assists for the inclusion of parents in the organization of students? free time and others.

School board ?Badnina? ? PGOT ?St. Ivan Rilski? ? Pernik will be active partner in the project ? Key competencies ? professional and personal development?. Representatives of the school board will participate in the project managing team, in defining topics for discussion for the regional clubs, in the organization and execution of the panel discussions and trainings and in the selection of all school activities for integrating key competencies. They will also be responsible for the active inclusion of parents in the project activities.

Vocational High School ?St. Ivan Rilski?

Vocational High School ?St. Ivan Rilski? ( PGOT) is the oldest school in Pernik. Since 1995 the school exists independently by the name Vocarional High School for Clothing and Tourism ?St. Ivan Rilski?. The high-school has disposal of two seperate buildings. At the central building are situated school cabinets for general educational training and three computer cabinets for information technologies training. The cabinets are with modern interactive school-boards and multimedia.

At the school corpus are situated two contemporary, modern school kitchens, two school clothing-workshops, school cabinets for professional training.

In the present 2011/2012 school year there are 517 students at full, external and individual form of education at PGOT?St. Ivan Rilski?. The professional education is in several directions: turism, feeding and clothing. The students obtain diploma for secondary education and certificate for professional qualification in the following professions: hotel-keeper, guide, travel agency organizator, cook, waiter-bertender, confectioner and others.


The high-school has gained experience in implementing projects under national programmes and Operational programme ?Human resources development? from the EU structure funds.

Main priority for us is increasing the motivation and the results of the students and with this project we plan to develop new school practices for learning skills in foreign language communication, development of students? creative potential and applying the informative and communicative technologies in the education.

The continuing professional development of the teachers and the development of their skills when working with international teams will contribute to increasing the prestige of PGOT ?St. Ivan Rilski?.

Vocational High School ?St. Ivan Rilski? ? Pernik will be a partner in this project. There will be an appointed school coordinator/s in the team responsible for the managing of the project. The high-school will be directly engaged with the execution of the school activities under the project ? creation and development of school activities clubs in the three key directions, for example ?History of the region club?, ?Production of multimedia presentations and movies club?, ?School media?, ?Let?s succeed together? and others.

The heads of those clubs and the executing team of the high-school will take part in organized trainings for continuing professional development.



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