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(Hosted by  the Municipality of Lamia)


Website http://

Legal representative: Kotronias Georgios, Mayor

Contact person: Milona Anastasia, Head of the office

Telephone :00302231097400



Our organization  is office on European Issues. Relay of a Network of the European Commission,  hosted by the Municipality of Lamia. The Europe Direct relay of Lamia,is participating to the programme as an authority related with the European programmes and the European issues. Main objective  of the organisation is to function as a unit for young people  providing them access to internet facilities and information- support on possible participation to European programmes and initiatives.

Our organization will support with advice on European procedures and information. Also we will take part in the self-evaluation,  and organise seminars about  key competences. The organization is the responsible partner for the disseminating the results and organize the future participation and relations.

Musical school of Lamia

Website http://

Legal representative: Tzimas   Nikolaos, Headmaster

Contact person: Pantazis George, Deputy schoolmaster

Telephone :00302231046476

The aim of the Musical School is the preparation and training of students who wish to follow the career path of music, without lagging in general education, in case they finally choose another area of scientific or professional career. It is an alternative school aimed at all students not just those who wish to became musicians. It is a live cell of music, art, culture and science.

The Musical School of Lamia will participate in the project management with equal role of the other partners, will organize and support seminars and put in practice methods that  integrate key competencies. Also it will take part in the self-evaluation, and will send number of the staff to the seminars abroad

Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Sterea Ellada

The Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Sterea Ellada is a decentralized service of the Greek Ministry of Education Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs. It consists of the following sections:

The Directorate of Administration and Economics Support. This is divided in Section A, of Administration Matters, which has the responsibility of the administrative support of the Regional Directorate and, in Section B, of Economics Matters, which conducts the economic affairs of the Directorate.

The  Departments of  Scientific  and Pedagogical  Guidance of Primary Education and Secondary Education. The Departments of Scientific and Pedagogical Guidance of the Regional Directorate of Education supervise, co-ordinate, observe and assess the School Advisors? work. These School Advisors have their seat within the borders of the Regional Directorate, and co-operate, through the Central Services of the Ministry of Education, with the Pedagogical Institute, for the accomplishment of their duties. Therefore, the Bureaux of School Advisors both of Primary and Secondary Education, are under the broader supervision of the Regional Directorate.

The Regional Directorate of Education also includes the Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education with their school units, the Differential Diagnosis, Diagnosis and Support Centres (KEDDY), the Environmental Research Centres (KPE), and the Regional In-Service Training Centres (PEK).

It generally administers and monitors the function of the school units in the region. There are  377 Nursery Schools, 342 Primary Schools, 224 School Units in Secondary Education and 9865 teachers. It is responsible for these regional schools and also for everything concerning the teachers, the school staff , the private education and the vocational Education Also, it takes initiative for innovative actions and utilizes the new technologies in education and it participates in the evaluation process.

Our organization will be the partner institution from the Sterea Ellada Region. We will collaborate with the coordinator institution (Regional Inspectorate of Education-Pernik ) and its regional organizations in the respect of the planned actions and activities We will coordinate  the regional organizations in our authority, monitor the project activities, control the communication, preside the meetings, write to  the website and write reports when it is necessary or when requested by the coordinator institution.

Αssociation of parents and Guardians of Musical school Of Lamia

Website http://

Legal representative: Stamoulis Vasilios, Chairman

Contact person: Stamoulis Vasilios, Chairman

Telephone :00302231046476

It supports  the school managers and the school staff in all the activities of counselling, student orientation and social integration;

It supports school in organising meetings, round tables, debates together with parents on education issues;

It proves initiative and involves in school life and study improvement;

Our organization will represent one of the regional partners in the region of Sterea Ellada. We will collaborate with the coordinator institution and its regional organizations and we will make use of our experience, innovative ideas, and permanent interest and fulfill all the tasks required in order to achieve the project aims.



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